Cloud Sites Released From Beta


We are pleased to announce that our Cloud Sites hosting product has officially come out of beta. Since launching Cloud Sites back in August 2013, our team have fine tuned the performance of our cloud, and worked with many clients who were “beta testing” the product. Our Cloud Hosting product is now fully ready to host your small / medium business.

What are Cloud Sites?

Cloud Sites is a brand new hosting product that drives forward reliability and website uptime. Unlike traditional shared hosting (where your website is hosted on 1 physical server), Cloud Sites spreads your website across multiple “hardware nodes” in the cloud. If one were to go down, your website would come back online in a matter of seconds on “new nodes”. Essentially the entire cloud hosting infrastructure is self-healing.

Multiple Locations Launching

In Q1 and Q2 of 2014, we will be rolling out a variety of brand new Cloud Sites hosting locations. These Include various locations within the United States (Chicago, Atlanta), and also Japan (Tokyo). We are also looking into launching various locations towards the end of 2014, such as Paris and Frankfurt.

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