Introducing Automated Recurring Billing


Since Google Checkout shut it’s doors back in November 2013, we have been looking at implementing a brand new merchant gateway for customers. Back in December, we implemented a brand new merchant gateway called Stripe. Over the past 8 weeks, we have been thoroughly¬†testing this new payment gateway, and are pleased to roll it out to our entire customer base today.

The Problem Before

Before we made this change, customers would have to setup manual automatic subscriptions through PayPal. This proved a pain when customers upgraded their hosting package, or changed their billing terms. Managing subscriptions is done at PayPal’s end, and we have no control over that for our customers.

Brand New Automated Billing

Pixeno customers can simply choose “Credit / Debit Card” as their default payment method. This simply stores any credit / debit card details on their Pixeno account, and automatically bills their card every-time an invoice becomes due. No more missing hosting deadlines, paying invoices manually or fiddling with PayPal recurring subscriptions.

Customers can update their card details directly inside the Pixeno account center (under the Account tab).

Fully Secure

Customers credit / debit card details are not actually stored on Pixeno’s servers whatsoever. All card details are fully encrypted, and safely stored over at our merchant provider (Stripe’s) fully PCI compliant storage infrastructure. If there is ever a breach at Pixeno’s end, rest assured your card details are stored safe.

You can learn more about Pixeno’s accepted payment methods here…