The Disadvantages of Unlimited Web Hosting


If you are looking for web hosting, you will see many companies around the internet offering unlimited storage space and monthly bandwidth, for a fixed monthly price. Pixeno has never been an *unlimited* web hosting company, because there is no such thing as unlimited.

We believe in offering a strong, stable and reliable hosting service, backed by solid round the clock support from our in-house team. While unlimited hosting plans seem like a fantastic deal, there are several factors you need to think about…

Unlimited Storage Space

No matter how many servers a web hosting company has, there is always a *finite* amount of storage space / hard drives. In other words, there is no such thing as unlimited. When these big hosting companies say you can use unlimited space, they usually have a very big terms of service list, which restrict you and cap you from actually using a significant amount of disk space. This entire concept is very misleading to the average web hosting customer.

Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth

The same goes for bandwidth. Bandwidth costs money, and shared hosting servers can only physically transfer out a certain amount of data per second, depending on the port speed they are linked up to. Again, usually there are caps written in the terms of service, so don’t be surprised if your website is suspended for using too much bandwidth on an *unlimited* bandwidth hosting plan.

Unlimited Websites

Many unlimited hosting plans do not have a cap on the amount of websites you can actually host on your hosting plan. Effectively, this is a recipe for disaster. Some users could have over 100 websites being hosted off a £20/month plan. Multiply this by all the customers on the server, and you have a very bogged down hosting environment. Due to past experiences, downtime and slow website loading speeds are very common.

The bottom line is, if you want to be on a very slow server, overloaded by a huge amount of websites, but only pay a small fee per month for your hosting bill, then unlimited hosting is for you. Unlimited, is the word that companies use to attract users to their service, many of whom usually end up leaving further down the line.

  • This blog contains good structure and good content. Thank you for sharing article. You mentioned the disadvantages of unlimited web hosting. Can you please include the advantages of the same?

  • It is always better to go with the companies that are not offering such dream plans. Be realistic and enjoy a trouble free web hosting.

  • Thank you for a good post. Well that’s right. Nothing is unlimited in this world. Companies play mind game with customers to attract them. we should not be fool and should only choose the right one.