Pixeno DNS Infrastructure Upgrades


At Pixeno, we are always working hard to improve redundancy, and minimise points of failure within our hosting infrastructure. Recently, we have made some big changes to our DNS infrastructure. This includes the move of our NS2 nameserver location, and also adding a third nameserver. Our DNS network now stretches around the UK and across over to Amsterdam, to ensure maximum uptime.

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Advantages of Moving to Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting is taking the internet by storm, and changing the face of traditional web hosting. Pixeno currently offers two cloud hosting products. Cloud Sites (shared hosting in the cloud), and Cloud Servers (fully scalable virtual servers in the cloud).

We are making it affordable for many freelancers, and small / medium businesses to upgrade to cloud hosting. Here are a quick look of some of the most important features about hosting your website in the cloud, and why it’s a smart idea to do so.

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London Cloud Sites Launches in Beta


We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Cloud Sites hosting product. Cloud sites is a revolutionary new hosting platform. Instead of your website being hosted on one physical dedicated server, it is spread over hundreds of “nodes” in the cloud infrastructure. If one node were to go down, your website would spring back up online within seconds on new hardware. Essentially the hardware is “self-healing”.

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Cloud Servers Bandwidth Upgrade


Over the last few months, we have been making some upgrades to our cloud infrastructure. I am please to announce, that all cloud servers now come with 3x the amount of bandwidth. The standard 1TB of bandwidth per “cloud node” has now been increased to a remarkable 3TB’s of bandwidth per “cloud node”.

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Pixeno Launching Cloud Sites


Pixeno has officially unveiled the launch of our brand new “Cloud Sites” hosting product. Cloud Sites is going to revolutionise shared hosting in the next few years, and we want to start rolling this out to our customers. We are going to be starting with the UK (London) first, and then our secondary location will be in the USA.

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How to spend your Marketing Budget on Social Networking sites


There’s no doubt that social networking has become a huge part of people’s lives in recent years. Businesses are benefiting from this huge growth using social media advertising networks. With these huge sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc), ranked within the Alexa top100 list, there is huge potential.

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PHP 5.4 Upgrade


This evening (Saturday 5th December), all servers in the Pixeno network will be upgraded to PHP 5.4. We sent an email to all customers a few weeks back, with information regarding the upgrade.

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We have lift off!


Welcome to the brand new Pixeno blog! It’s been an idea we’ve had for a long time, and we think now is the perfect time to launch. We want to use the blog to reach out to customers and hear your input, feedback & ideas. We want to remain the best hosting company for creative professionals.

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