How do I transfer a .com / .net / .org domain to Pixeno?

To transfer a .com / .net / .org domain to Pixeno you'll need to do 3 things at your current domain registrar first...

#1 Unlock Domain

Make sure the domain name is "unlocked" for transfer. These domains have a register lock, and you should be able to unlock for the domain for transfer using your existing registrars control panel, if not please contact their support department requesting the change.

#2 Whois Check

You'll need to ensure you’ll whois contact information for the domain to be transferred is up to date, the email address on the whois registrant record will be emailed to approve the transfer, so it is important that this email comes to you, and not your old email address.

#3 EPP Transfer Code

You'll need an EPP/auth transfer code, you'll be able to get this from your existing registrar - again usually from their control panel. You’ll need to enter this onto the Pixeno website when ordering your domain transfer.

Once all of the above is completed, you’ll need to order the domain transfer here:

During the order process it will ask you for the EPP/auth transfer code that you’ve got from your existing registrar, please ensure this is correct and entered in full (including any punctuation that it contains, without any spaces).

Once the invoice for the transfer is paid (this also adds 1 year to the domains registration renewal date), the transfer will proceed. This is normally completed within 5 days, but can be sooner if your existing registrar releases the domain earlier (check your emails during this time, as they may email you for approval of the transfer).
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