How do I add another website to my Reseller Package?

Firstly you will need to login to your Web Host Manager (WHM) account. This can be accessed by adding "/whm" on the end of your domain name (e.g. in your web browser. Or on your hosting server name (within your New Account Information email), e.g.

Your WHM login details can be found in your New Account Information email, or in your Pixeno client area under your hosting tab (these will show the login details set initially, and not updated ones if you have since changed the password).

To add a new website, on the left hand side (once logged into WHM) - search for: Create a New Account. You can proceed with filling out the form for the domain name, username, password and contact email address for cPanel hosting account you are adding. You will also need to define what package or resources you would like to give the domain here also.

You will need to set your domain names nameservers at your existing domain registrar to the following:
Domains registered with Pixeno will automatically have these nameservers by default. By changing the nameservers this will set the domain names emails and website services to Pixeno, you will need to Edit the DNS or MX records if you want to have any custom 3rd party email or DNS setup here (this can be done under Edit DNS Zone from WHM or Advanced DNS Editor in cPanel. You can do MX records from Edit MX Entry from WHM, or under MX Entry section in cPanel).

Please bare in mind this can take up to 24 hours to take effect, due to DNS caching on your domain name with internet service providers.
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