How do I restore a backup and what is your backup policy?

You can restore your website files using the "R1Soft restore backups" option within your cPanel hosting account. You will need to login with your cPanel username and password after clicking the link. To restore any MySQL databases you will need to contact us via support ticket, with the database name and requested date & time to roll back too. You can see the backup times available from the "R1Soft restore backups" option in your cPanel account by logging in as previously mentioned.

Our standard backup policy included by default on our personal and reseller hosting plans is up to 2 times per day, and on our cloud hosting plans up to 4 times per day. At least 1 backup per day on all plans is guaranteed.

Please note we only store our remote off-site backups for up to 2 weeks, it is your responsibility if your looking for a long term archiving backup system to login to cPanel and use the "Backup" option to download backups to your computer manually if you wish to save a particular point in time.

It should also be mentioned that cloud virtual servers and dedicated servers do not come with backups as standard, they are optional add-ons and the policy is discussed on a case by case basis depending on your requirements.
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