My websites down?

9 out of 10 times your website isn’t actually down, you’ll just be blocked on the server firewall due to reasons such as:
  • More than 5 incorrect logins to cPanel, WHM, Webmail, FTP, IMAP, POP3 or SMTP.
  • Suspected hacking attempt(s) (e.g. dodgy URL and/or input submissions).
You can easily unblock yourself by logging into your Pixeno client area ( Once your logged in if your not unblocked automatically you can navigate to Help & Support > IP Address Unblock, and type the IP address you wish to unblock here (use to check it).

If you're not actually blocked, then your website might actually be down - it would be advisable to check on our Twitter ( to check for any recent service status updates, as we'll normally post onto our social channels to keep customers updated during any outages that may last more than a few minutes. Rest assured our systems are monitored 24/7 and we'll always know before you've even noticed in the event of actual downtime. On the rare occasion we experience an outage, we work proactively day and night to get services back online as soon as possible for all affected customers as a priority.
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