Im getting lots of Junk / Spam emails, help?

Every cPanel hosting account has the option to enable SpamAssassin for it’s email accounts, and this also allows auto deletion of spam that reaches a certain score threshold (default is 5), before it reaches your inbox.

Enabling both of these settings (under cPanel > SpamAssassin) would prevent really obvious spam messages from reaching your clients inbox.

Once SpamAssassin has been enabled you will be able to see the spam score of every message if you view the extended headers of the incoming email in your client/webmail. For example if the spam score is 2, then I'm afraid it's probably going to appear in your inbox. Once other providers catch onto this, the spam senders IP quickly becomes blacklisted and this automatically adds another 5+ to the score.

The higher the score for auto-deletion, the more conservative the setting (setting a higher spam score threshold to ensure that LESS legitimate mail gets mistakenly auto-deleted, even if that means that more spam makes it into the inbox).

Marking a message as "*** SPAM ***" means it's met your threshold to be labelled as spam (required score in SpamAssassin settings), so you can filter it locally etc. Auto delete rules are separate to this, meaning you can use SpamAssassain to mark messages as spam in the subject line and turn auto delete off to allow filtering to be conducted all locally on your email client itself.

You can read more about SpamAssassain and what it can do here:
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