How can I improve my email delivery rates?

There are a couple of easy ways you can improve your email delivery rates (so your email messages are more likely be delivered into someones inbox, instead of the spam folder or completely denied). Please note it is not possible guarantee email delivery completely, as the recipient may have strict incoming mail filters that only allows certain senders to email them.

You can make these following changes from your cPanel hosting account if you are using our nameservers DNS (, &; otherwise you manually need to update your DNS settings following the suggested changes below:

Step #1

Firstly enabling Domain Keys (DKIM) under cPanel > Email Authentication. This adds a validated email authentication key (in the message headers) to every email sent from the server, that can be double checked over DNS to verify the sender's identity.

Step #2

Secondly, enabling SPF records under cPanel > Email Authentication will add DNS records that all sent emails are checked against. It allows for certain servers (IPs) to send emails from your domain name. To help reassure your emails have been delivered from an authorised server, reducing others using your domain to send emails without being properly authenticated.

You can read more about DKIM and SPF records here:

Step #3

Thirdly, check the content that you're sending and make sure you’re sending emails to people who have opted in or requested to receive the email, otherwise you’ll very quickly find yourself blacklisted. You should never send marketing/newsletter emails from your Pixeno hosting account, you should always use a separate IP range from another email marketing provider such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. If some people report your newsletters as spam, this can directly affect your normal email delivery if sent from the same server.

Step #4

Finally, not sharing your mail server IP address with others can help, as everyone on the same IP address can affect each others email delivery by sharing the same mail server IP, and if that IP address becomes blacklisted it can significantly impact your email delivery rates.

You can lease your own dedicated IP address for your website and email server for £2.50/month or £25/year. This allows you to be in control of everything sent from the IP address that your on, improving your email delivery rates by reducing the chance of others affecting it.
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