Help, my WordPress site has been hacked?

WordPress can get hacked if not proactively maintained with core, theme and plugin security patches and updates. Maintenance is an essential part of running an online website, and unfortunately all too often we see websites get hacked that get forgotten about or never maintained. It is your responsibility to get your website software up to date and secured.

A good security plugin for WordPress we would recommend is called WordFence ( It helps you to monitor admin logins and updates that need doing (as well as other security issues that need resolving).

In the unfortunate event, your WordPress website does get hacked and your original developers aren't available, don’t panic! We can offer to resolve it for our low rate of £20/hour (as we want to secure your website also), we’ll get one of our top developers on the case to find, remove and secure the infection(s) on your WordPress website and help you prevent a reoccurrence going forwards - advising you on your maintenance to manage it yourself going forwards. Please open a support ticket if you need our help with this, and we’ll jump onto it as soon as possible for you.
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