How can I setup my emails on an iPhone?

For this task you will need to know the following:
  • Your email address: e.g. (this will be your email username)
  • Your email password: e.g. password123 (this is set from cPanel > Email Accounts, you can reset it here)
  • Your email server: e.g. (always in the mail.. format)
If you haven’t already created an email address, you will need to do so by logging into your cPanel account for your web hosting, and navigating to the email accounts section.

Step #1

Tap the Settings icon on your dashboard.

Step #2

Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Step #3

Tap Add Account.

Step #4

Tap Other.

Step #5

Choose Add Mail Account.

Step #6

Enter your name, your email address, your password and a brief description of the account to help you find it later.

Step #7

Tap the Next button at the top right of your screen. Your iPhone will then try and determine as many settings as it can for you before loading the next page

Step #8

Make sure the account (at the top) remains as an IMAP account, although a POP3 account won't cause you any issues if you'd like to change it.

Step #9

Under Incoming Mail Server you will see Host Name, enter your email server (e.g.

Step #10

In the User Name field enter your email address (e.g.

Step #11

In the Password field enter the password for that email address.

Step #12

Scroll down to the Outgoing Mail Server, under Host Name, enter your email server (e.g.

Step #13

In the User Name field enter your user name: (e.g.

Step #14

In the Password field enter password for that email address again.

Step #15

Choose the blue Save button at the top right of the screen.

This should complete the email setup on your device, if it’s still not working you may want to check if you’ve become blocked on our firewall for previously using incorrect email settings (as 5 incorrect logins will trigger a block).

You can easily unblock yourself by logging into your Pixeno client area (, once your logged in if your not unblocked automatically you can navigate to Help & Support > IP Address Unblock and type the IP address you wish to unblock here (use to check it).
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