What is the difference between Personal and Reseller hosting?

Personal hosting is limited when it comes to managing multiple domain names, as they’ll all be on the same cPanel account which has implications when it comes to providing access for your clients, backups and migrations. It’s great for clients on a budget, but not suitable for users looking to reseller web hosting as your clients won’t have their own login, they can’t migrate their hosting accounts between servers and restoring the whole cPanel account would affect all of your domains on the account which is not the best from a management perspective.

Reseller hosting is a powerful tool providing access to Web Host Manager (WHM), to create a separate cPanel account for each domain name, so you can give clients access to their hosting only and easily reseller hosting solutions. From your one WHM login, you can manage all of your clients hosting from a few clicks of a button. It also benefits from improved backup and migration abilities over personal hosting, since each account is separated and therefore more manageable. It also has performance advantages, since each cPanel account has it's own CPU and memory quotas, therefore each website will get more processing resources each, when compared to a personal reseller hosting account where all the domains use the same pool of resources. This allows the websites to be seperated from a performance and security point of view.
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