How can I easily change my recurring billing to a new amount?

PayPal subscriptions don't support a change in your regular billing amount, e.g. upgrading to the next package. Luckily our Credit/Debit Card payment facility supports automated billing, and supports dynamic amounts also.

#1) Cancel PayPal subscription

So your first steps would be to cancel your PayPal Subscription to Pixeno first, view steps here:

#2) Add credit/debit card

Next you will need to add your Credit/Debit card on file here:

(don't worry this information is not stored on our servers, Stripe our secure payment partners stores this information on their secure PCI-DSS compliant database, from which we only have access to a token to charge your card).

#3) Change default payment method

Now change your default payment method to Credit/Debit card under the dropdown on your profile:

#4) Automated payments active

And then automated payments will be supported via your card on file. You notified in advance via email about the upcoming automated payment with a copy of the invoice, so you know exactly when and what is going out.
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